A wise choice when using natural compounds as drugs

The medicinal herbs available effect on disease remedies is due to the natural compounds contained in herbs to decide. Therefore, when mentioning medicinal herbs, that means to refer to the ability biosynthesis, metabolism and accumulation of natural compounds available biological activity used to protect and take care of human health.

A long period of time, pharmaceutical chemical products dominate the drug market, while the medicinal plants and almost traditional medications is no longer interested in. However, after using for many years, some medicinal products derived from synthetics have gradually revealed shortcomings such as losing less and less effect, causing some complications or adverse effects for human health. There are cases discovered unwanted effects of pharmaceutical chemistry after decades.

Naturally derived compounds used nowadays as drugs for treatment of diseases and dietary supplements for taking care of human health are paid attention by scientists inside and outside of Viet Nam due to less toxicity and good tolerability of our bodies for these compounds. The natural compounds from herbs rich in terms of chemical structure and availability of many prominent advantages such as antibacteria, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, HIV inhibition, immunomodulation, antimalaria, etc. That is the ideal raw material resource for research, development and manufacture of preparations for the treatment of acute, chronic and sirious diseases. According to the evaluation of the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the world population use herbs as medications to serve the primary health care. The statistics also showed that 80-90% of the population in rural areas of poor countries and the developing countries have taken medicinal herbs to use as medicinal resources for disease remedy. Currently there is over 50% of drugs being used worldwide are derived from plants. Many medications manufactured in developed pharmaceutical industrialized countries must import herbal materials from tropical countries.

Vietnam has a long-standing history in use of natural herbs to cure  human diseases. Great physician Tue Tinh, an author of the books of "The Miracle Vietnamese Pharmacyand "thriteen methods for increasing and reducing" has compiled 580 medicinal plants and 3932 traditional prescriptions; he was a who mentioned the idea of "Vietnamese Herbs For Vietnamese”" means that use of traditional medicines treating for Vietnamese. Great physicians Tue Tinh and Hai Thuong Lan Ong have great contributions for experience and knowledge on the use of plants for healing and taking care of human health care that has appeared from a long time.

Vietnam traditional medicine undergo a long time has been not interested and use widespread use in the population due to importing of western medicines; However, after a period of use, it was discovered that the disadvantages of medicines to traditional medicine today has gradually regained his place in the treatment and care of people's health. With the active and effective support of application of modern science and technology in traditional medical research, by using advanced methods bearing the up of date trend that is a return to nature, to promote  the experience of traditional medicine beside modern medicine in the prevention, treatment and care of people's health.

Vietnam is a country of few countries available natural materials resources of flora with over 4000 plant species are used in traditional medicines and has been attracting to the attention of scientists in the country and the world.   Since the 50s of previous century, Vietnam has done the research and application of traditional medicine together the modern medicine system for the protection and health care of community. So far, there are about 40,000 medical prescriptions and traditional medicines collected. This is an invaluable knowledge treasure needing be preserved and exploited for the protection and health care of people's health.

M.D. Spe. I of Pharmaceutics Lê Văn Chính


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