Gout disease - it is necessary to have an specialized facility

Gout disease was first recorded by the Egyptians around 2640 BC, through 4653 years until now, gout disease has been considered as an incurable disease.


This is irrational, because we are too highly dependent on confirms bearing axiomatic nature in the past. At the present, the problem of gout disease does not pay enough attention as it deserves attention.

Reduction of uric acid level in the blood is the way to prevent precipitation of monosudium  crystal urate (MSU), while the key point for MSU deposition is physiological disorder available system. It is argued that diuretics cause of gout attacks, while the key point of maintenance of chain causing disorder makes gout disease to severe gout at the urinary system. Etiology of MSU deposition is an inevitable process when there is biosynthesis increase and metabolism of excessive purine that target organs suffering from this overload are liver, kidneys, testes. Disorders at these organs lead to homeostatic imbalances in the body and loss of the acid-base balance.

Ways to fight inflammation have been studied, however, it is not thinking of limitation of conditions favorable for infection occurring such as pH and  pH level of urine and homeostasis affecting significantly required conditions to precipitate into MSU. pH increases, MSU tends to the solubility. pH decreases accompanied by cold temperatures,  MSU tends to deposition, etc.

The final result is MSU causing physical injuries to organs that MSU deposition in kidneys, joints, heart, etc. In process of the gout treatment,  lesions caused by MSU has not seek to be covered. MSU deposition will be accumulated and persisted that make gout more worse due to reaction of Apolipoprotein E coating with the immune system. MSU starts immune disorders that clinicians of internal medicine have hardly noticed, or if any they also have not active approach for this.

Gout, a  disease,  is associated with a complex metabolic system in the body, involved a series of functions of joints, bones, heart, liver, kidney, coronary, blood pressure, fat metabolism, etc.  Therefore, it is necessary to have the certain research institutes specializing in GOUT disease. For this reason, in treatment field, it also is required profound specialty. Thanks to this, community of patients with gout are properly concerned. This may be what has never been addressed in conferences of diseases on joints or metabolism in the world.

Real situation for the severe devastation of GOUT disease on the group of gout patients available complications in Vietnam does not allow us to passively wait on what is available. Act immediately to find as soon as a solution to cure gout suffering patients in Vietnam. That is reason why we, professionals in the fields of medicine and pharmacy in Vietnam, has decided to establish GOUT INSTITUTE since 2007. GOUT INSTITUTE in Vietnam are operating under the model of medical enterprise and science and technology with the member units. They are the research institutes of Gout disease and 3 profound specialized clinics for examination and treatment in 3 regions of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh city in the South Vietnam, Da Nang in the Central Vietnam, Hai Duong city in the North Vietnam.

As a result, thousands of gout patients available complications and hundreds Gout patients with anti-treatment and thought incurable, have been treated and covered by medicinal herbs. The preparations of this medicinal herb are studied on the basis of the modern science. Although,  it  remains much work to be done to demonstrate positive outcomes of treatment under the scientific foundation, clinical results implemented by the team of professors and medical doctors of GOUT Institute have demonstrated that it is necessary to establish research units, the profound specializing treatment facilities for gout disease, we are able to ability to detect and correct mistakes find a new and better way for community of gout patients.

Nguyen Dinh Quang

The general director of One Member Company Ltd of Gout Institute

Foregoing opinion is just our own views, please refer to further articles in the Spotlight section on this web page to see our unity from ideas, implements to treatment results as well as further scientific missions that we take care towards. We always look forward to hearing from contributions in term of your constructive spirit in the scientific issues on study and treatment of GOUT disease.

Viện Gút


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