A way out for gout patients

God created humans with healthy hands and feet for walking around, holding things, working, having fun and other functions.

However, this is no longer possible once a person suffer from this condition.  This disease is known for over 2600 years.  Hypocrates, Father of  Western Medicine, called it “King of all diseases” because of the pain that it costs as well as “a disease of kings” because it is often caused by unbalanced diet and excessive eating.


Nevertheless, the title “a disease of kings” may be not so appropriate nowadays because everyone from all social classes, whether rich or poor, male or female, can be affected by it… just like these hard working women.

The word gout in old French means “a drop”.   Perhaps this is due to the tophi on a patient’s body, which resembles a drop of water?  If we consider these tophi as drops of water, they can be tiny drops, as small as the tip of a choptick, or bigger ones as big as an orange.

Let’s look more into these “drops” of Gout.

This white nodule is a deposit of uric acid, which the cause of the severe pain that earns it the name “king of all diseases”, and sometimes, this nodule will make the person have difficulty moving around.

A way out for gout patients

We have already covered this topic of Gout about a year ago. Today, we decided to revisit it because of Mr. Le Hong Dan – a veteran and a gout patient in Vinh Bao, Hai Phong.

He has suffered from Gout disease for 26 years, and his life was totally hopeless.  He just couldn’t find a way out.

His family has sent him to many places for treatments, tried every possible remedies, but the disease just keeps getting worse instead of going away.  And when we are recording the video that you are watching, he has stayed in bed for several years because of the disease.

Looking at his body with deformed hands and feet, we can truly sense the desperation that he is going through.

Mr. Le Hong Đan:

-  I’m hurting so much that I can’t sleep at night.  I also cry because of I’m so sick of my life.

One day, one of his neighbor watch our video titled “To eliminate the pain of Gout”, made in 2010.  This video mentions several gout patients, a gout patient community to be exact, who are getting excellent results from their treatment.  This information brings Mr. Dan and his family hope.

Mrs. Hoa, Mr. Dan’s wife:

- Our family really wants him to cured.  So everynight, I stay by the TV in case there’s some information about a place that can treat his disease.  

Mr. Dan is only one of many patients suffering from Gout, whose lives are in a dead end.

Since Hypocrates days, over 2600 years have passed, but we still don’t know very much about Gout, especially its terrible effects on human body.

Rarely to find a disease that is as detrimental as gout.  It causes the patients’ hands and feet to be deformed, swelling knee joings, tophi, inflamation…  Those are the outward symptoms, which do not fully show all the damage that gout cause to the internal organs.  Meanwhile, the current treatments for gout mostly focus on preventing inflamation, alleviating pain, increasing uric acid elimination or decreasing uric acid being deposited.


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