Some images of effective treatment in gout institute

1. Patient Ha Van Cho, born in 1944, in Thu Duc- Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Cho has been experienced Gout for 4 years, he has visited many places and treated by a variety of

methods for Oriental-Western medicine however he does not feel better. His joint pain is worse and worse, especially tophi develops on his body very fast and big, some tophi on the feet are swollen and ruptured, urate is expanded resulting the patient is infected and pained.

Ha Van Cho

On December 22, 2010 he came to Gout Institute while he is suffering the acute gout crisis, the joints are degenerative, he is hardly to move, his knee joints, ankles start to be strained. Tophi on his toes on the right are swollen and urate is leaked with phlogistic sign due to infection. He is instructed to take Gout Institute's medicinal herbs instead of his using medicines.

After 1 month of treatment at Gout Institute, his joints began to relieve pain, some tophi look soft, he feels better day by day, he can move easily, tophi are shrunk, the ruptured tophi on his toes dried and healed, there is no urate leaking phenomenon any more.

After five months of continuous treatment he is able to move, do gentle works, do exercise every day, many tophi are downsized from 40-60%, ruptured tophi are healed and removed.

This is one of the typical gout patients. There are severe complications in the joints to be effectively treated by Gout Institute's medicinal herbs.

2. Ms. Tran Thi The, born in 1955, living in District 2, HCMC.

Tran Thi The

She is pained in swollen finger joints from 2004, the crisis is increasing, she has been diagnosed to suffer rheumatoid arthritis, she has taken Oriental-Western medicine however she feels worse and worse effecting living activities and work.

On December 25, 2012 she visited Gout Institute while:

-          She is suffering pain in finger joints and ankles constantly, she must take a variety of, anti-inflammatory medicines ever day.

-          Her two hands are strained, swollen. The protuberances in her finger joints cause convulsiveness, sclerosis limiting her move.

-          Full body edema, specifically in the eyes, face, hands, ankles, feet, abdomen, sclerosis.

The Patient takes Gout Institute’s medicinal herbs instead of the anodyne, anti-inflammatory drugs combined antihypertensive medicine every day.

After 3 months of treatment, the anodyne, anti-inflammatory drugs are cut down, the symptoms of arthritis, edema, increased blood pressure, size of the protuberances in her hand start being recovered.

After 6 months of treatment, the swell, constant pain are removed, the blood pressure is stabilized at 120/90-150/100 mmHg and the protuberance is downsized 60% size.

After one year of treatment, the patient no longer pains in the joints, she can do daily activities normally, the test indicators are normal, the blood pressure is well controlled by anti-hypertensive drugs.

The patient stops taking medicinal herbs because of economic reasons. After one year, September 2012 the patient came to Gout Institute to check her health. The arthritis does not recur any more, the test indicators are normal, the blood pressure is stabilized. This is a case of rheumatoid arthritis, with cushing as misuse of corticosteroids that Gout Institute's herbal therapy is successful.

 3. Patient, Huynh Cong Tam, born in 1955, living in Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh province, Vietnam

Huynh Cong Tam patient

Suffering Gout for about 12 years, he has received treatment from various hospitals, taking many Western medicines but it is ineffective, he feels worse and worse.

 Mr. Tam visited Gout Institute on January 12, 2012 while his health was seriously declined (30kg), edema, bedridden for 1 month, aching joints, tophi were developing, the joints of hands and feet were swollen, strained, he could not eat or sleep, blood pressure dropped to 60/40 mmHg, severe anemia: Hb = 7.1 g/dL, kidney failure of 1 degree (GFR = 54ml/min/1.73 m).

The patient's gout was diagnosed and defined by the gold standard when screening tophi liquid on the black background polarization microscope, many optical needle-like urate crystals, arthritis depression, renal anemia, drug-induced Cushing Syndrome, depletion.

After 6 months of treatment by Gout Institute's medicinal herbals, the patient's Gout is improved and his health is recovered.

-          Edema is removed.

-          Removal of kidney failure (GFR = 92 ml/min per 1.73 m2)

-          Blood shortage is significantly reduced: Hb-14.2 g/dL

-          Removal of arthritis: Relief of swelling of the joints, the patient can move, work normally.

-          Tophi downsized by 50%

-          Arthrosclerosis is reduced 50%

-          Patient's weight is 52 Kg, he can eat and sleep well

-          Blood pressure is stabilized 110/70-120/80 mmHg.

4. Patient, Nguyen Bien Thuy, born in 1957 living in HCMC. Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak Province

He has been experienced psoriasis since 1993. There are signs of psoriatic lesions on the skin, scalp and legs. He has received the treatments however the disease cannot be recovered. 5 years later (1998) the patient's gout is resulted from the psoriasis. Thence psoriasis and arthritis are increasingly grown, and treated by different methods but not effective.

-           The patient visited Gout Institute on December 05, 2012 while his gouty status was severe, the acute gout crisis occurs frequently, tophi developed in the arms and legs. Many joints were degenerative, joint strain, limited movements. Psoriatic lesions into dense arrays in the skin front the feet, fluiding, itchy and flaking violently.

-           The patient takes Gout Institute's medicinal herbs, thanks to the effect of the medicinal herbs supporting the body improve many vital functions such as: cardiovascular, liver, kidneys, endocrine, immune, so after 1 month of treatment, the acute gout is declining, some tophi are softer, especially psoriatic lesions are significantly improved. After 2 months of taking the medicinal herbs, psoriasis relieves 80% of the lesions, there is also the phenomenon of itching, fluiding, and flaking, after 5 months of treatment, there are only 2 small nodular skin lesions over the 2 legs.

-          We think: thanks to improvement of the physiological functions of the body, especially the immune system helps the body repair itself, adjust and recover the disorders, the lesions repelling gout and psoriatic.

5. The patient, Nguyen Van Nhan, born in 1974, living Tam Nong district, Dong Thap province.

Nguyen van Nhan patient

The patient suffering from gout, has treated Western medicine constantly however the disease is increasingly severe, the pain crises are increasingly about once a month, tophi were growing fast, about November of 2012, the left ankles swollen and tophi ruptured up, fluiding opalescent as lime, swelling, soreness, coming to the general hospital in Dong Thap province for a treatment however there is no result.

-  On December 06, 2012, Mr. Nhan came to Gout Institute while he was suffering intense pain at the wound ruptured tophi of size 7x8x1,5 cm, there are plenty of pus and urate, thick wound wall, bleeding and bruising, bad granule. After 1 month of treatment, the wound is cleaner, after 2 months of treatment, leakages of urate, pains, swelling of the skin are removed, the surrounding skins slowly develop inside. After 3 months of treatment, the patient completely recovers.

Nguyen Van Nhan

 6. The patient, Vo Van Ba, born in 1953, living in Long Ho district, Vinh Long province.

 He has been swollen aching joints in the legs, hands for 7 years, recurred, rotated the joints, diagnosed with gout, treated with many Western and Chinese medicines, however, the disease is not reduced but it is worse and worse. Currently, his health is worse and worse, he ought to lie in a place and sit on wheelchair for long time.

Vo Van Be Ba

He came to Gout Institute on March 05, 2012 while:

-          Joints in his feet and hands swollen and pained constantly, taking much anodyne every day, tophi developed in many locations, large size, the joints in the legs and hands were strained, limb atrophied, he could not move and sit in a wheelchair from 8 months.

-          Tophi were ruptured and urate leaked from three last month, there are many large sized tophi of about 10 cm.

-          Loss weight about 45 kg, he could not eat and sleep well, his skin was pale.

-           Renal at degree 1 (GFR = 54 ml/min per 1.73 m, 2 skins), anemia: Hb = 9.3 g/dL, urinary protein

-          Urat Crystal found in tophi fluid on the black background polarization microscope

The patient taking medicinal herbs instead of the Western medicine to relieve pain, the symptoms improve in each month.

After 8 months of treatment, the following symptoms are dramatically improved:

-          Pain in the joints is relieved, there is only a little pain in the knee, anodyne shouldn't taken.

-          Reduce swelling in the joints, especially the knees swelling is reduced about 90%.

-          Tophi are reduced in size, urate leakage is removed.

-          Increasing weight 10 kg, the muscles in the legs and arms are developed.

-          Anemia is reduced: Hb = 11.0 g/dL

-          Urinary proteins are removed, renal is removed, GFR = 61 ml/min per 1.73 m2

 Vo Van Be Ba

7. Le Hong Dan

The Patient, Le Hong Dan, born in 1951 living Vinh Bao district, Hai Phong city, he has been suffering from gout since 1988 and he received the treatment from many hospitals, taken many Western and Oriental medicines, but he feels worse and worse. Tophi grow in his hands and feet, his health is declined, he hardly moves, loses labor capacity completely.

Le hong dang

He has been so sad that he took alcohol much for about 10 years and he ought to take 2-3 doses of anodyne and Prednisolon daily. He is so abusive of drug that his disease is becoming more severe, his health is more depleted, he cannot does a normal activity, and the result of this he is being bedridden about 2 years now. On April 18, 2011 he came to Gout Institute and he was determined he suffers chronic gout, the complication is serious, his internal organs and skin were injured:

-          His body was depleted, edema, and impotent.

-           His limbs joints were swollen and strained, shrunk, unmovable. He was pained constantly, he must take anodyne every 2-3 hours.

-          Tophi grew with size (6 cm max), several tophi were ruptured, festered, smelly and stinking...

-          His digestion was depressive, vomiting after eating, epigastric pain, digestive disorders.

-          Clinical test showed that he suffers hepatitis, kidney failure, heart failure, severe anemia.

 The patient has taken Gout Institute's medicinal herbs instead of medicines being used by him. After 3 months of treatment, the patient's symptoms have been improved, he feels less pained and he no longer takes medicine of anti-inflammatory drugs, the swelling in his joints is relieved, he can move, several tophi are downsized, infection and bad edema is removed, the patient eats and sleeps well, hepatitis, kidney failure is recovered. He can wake up after a year of being bedridden.

And his health is better and better after 6 months of treatment, he is able to move on his feet.

8. The patient, Hoang Gia Phiet, born in 1945, living in Phu Nhuan district-Ho Chi Minh City.

 The patient has suffered arthritis for 10 years, his alternative joints reoccur many times, he has been diagnosed and treated for gout but there is no efficiency. He feels pained in his joints worse and worse, the pain is increasing, tophi of 5x3cm develop on his left elbow for 2 weeks and he suffers hypertension for 10 years, he must take anti-hypertensive drugs every day. He came to Gout Institute on December 27, 2011 and diagnosed to suffer chronic gout. Tophi developed according to cuát diagnostic criteria of ILar, 2000 and there was unstable hypertension (160/90 mmHg). The patient took Gout Institute's medicinal herbs for treatment, the acute arthritis was relieved, tophi were being downsized.

After 2 months of treatment, tophi on his left elbow disappear, the severe arthritis is removed, blood pressure is regularly at 110-120/70-80 mmHg, the patient needn't take antihypertensive drugs.

After 3 months, the patient no longer feels pained in his joints, no tophi, steady blood pressure, he needn't take antihypertensive drug, his health is good, he can work norma


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