Gout - the inadequacies of treatment method

Maybe some of you will not or do not agree with our viewpoints on the gout treatment by medicinal herbs. But that’s Ok, you probably will have to accept a path that's hard to reach the destination point. To help a gout patient community to have the opportunity to go to the definite destination (patients cured gout), we will have to find new way rather than travel on the old path. However, if shortcomings of the old path are pointed out, it makes sure that we never brave to get rid of it to gon on a new path.

For a long time we have been approached the method of GOUT treatment by existing regimen of XXI century and we can not go to the destination of the patients’ expectation that is cured gout.

Ho Chi Minh City Gout Institute in Vietnam in have gathered, concatenated logically most results of basic research on gout in the world, assessed epidemiological studies and compared with real patients, pathogenesis and medications. On that basis, inadequacies in the coordination between the basic research and the drug applied research for treatment can be detected. Since then, it should study to overcome optimally.

The inadequacies of current awareness on gout:

1 - All gout treatment regimen primarily and basically is now to control uric acid (UA) level in blood while uric acid in blood existing in the form of urate accounts for 95-98% . From this prerequisite and fundamental flaw, most clinicians and the majority of researchers are always looking for ways to control uric acid level in blood. The control of urate salts or uric acid are completely different in nature aspect, although they share the similar chemical structure and source.

The research results showed that monosudium urate (MSU) crystals just deposited  or prolonged precipitated are also harmful to the body, whereas if they exist in the form of uric acid that bring benefits to the antioxidant reaction and is not harmful. So far, however, researchers on drugs have only targeted therapy to control uric acid level in blood to limit deposition of new MSU crystals. The fact shows that in order to manage and control uric acid (UA) level, it should control total  reserves of them in the body, including the MSU deposited in long time  and fixed adhesively on the surface of joints, accumulated  tophi lumps, precipitates into kidney stones along with existing UA level in the blood. Thus, if control of UA, there is not other way, MSU in the tissues, in tophi, etc is to be relieved  and excreted them. UA was just the top of tree, the source of gout is never UA, but MSU crystals.

2 - The basic research results have identified that uric acid plays an important role in the antioxidant for the body as well the body reused to let structure becoming new cells’ nucleus. However, when research of medications of the inhibition of uric acid formation or drug group of decomposed increase of uric acid, it is rarely found there is no one interested in and raising the issue of protection of  antioxidant role of UA, or have not seen anybody interested in research of drugs increasing the reuse of this substance via  HGPRT enzyme

3 - The basic research results have clearly identified that MSU bears antigenicity stimulating the immune system and human body always seeks ways to remove MSU. However, the existing drugs are not under this direction. Although late, Gout Research Institute in Vietnam has being as a pioneer unit in the direction of MSU elimination. Results studied through 20000 patients treated in Gout Institute and recovered well and long-term stability. It is an evidence for correction of principles of this treatment. Supports of the immune system and dissolving them to increase MSU elimination and to facilitate reuse UA. Thus, the abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, corticosteroids have also inadvertently reduce the role of the immune system.

4 - The drug studies of gout treatment mainly focus on the incidence of simple gout patients.  The chronic gout patients having more interaction with other related other diseases have not pay attention. The complexity of these interactions makes path physiologists and clinicians do not even distinguish causal - effect relation of disease. Etiology of disease showed that old pathological twists always were born and appears new pathological twists, making the situation more and more severe disease. For these patients, they need to be treated with many different drugs, the impact on the different stages, cutting off the old pathological twists or new pathological formation. Therefore, controlling the interaction between types of drugs used combination on a patient needs to be done right from the step of production study. It is very necessary to have common principles for gout treatment regimen to avoid overlap, duplicate or limit the effect of each other, even generation undesirable effects such as Cushing's syndrome, peptic ulcer, failure drug-induced immune suppression, etc. Unfortunately, each kind of drugs for existing gout treatment is the result of independent research, individual impact. Thus, controlling drug interactions always is undertaken by treatment doctors. The loss is belonged the patients.

5 - Although there is not medication curing gout, the standard curing gout is still established. If there standard curing GOUT, there is new target for drug research to meet requirements of the concept of "gout cured". However, in fact, the standard curing gout has not set up, it is only focus on stability requirements of stabilized disease treatment.

We can completely determine the standard for gout cured based on finding the difference between gout patients and non-gout patients. If treatment method can make this difference in the patients, those patients will be considered from GOUT. Therefore gout cured after treatment of defined diagnostic criteria that gout loss entirely.

+ Hyperuricemia is not a different point by the normal person also increasing uric acid level in blood. Many epidemiological studies have identified that there are 80 - 90% of hyperuricemia during the study period from 10-20 years or life being transformed into gout and never changed GOUT

+ Arthritis like attack can not be the point of difference. There are many other causes of arthritis, severe arthritis like acute GOUT arthritis. .

+ Ultrasound found a double-contour sign in the joints is not differences many crystals are not MSU and also have a double-contour since the ultrasound.

The difference between gout and non-gout patients is only the accumulation and persistion of excess MSU deposited a long time in the body. Therefore, removal of excess MSU from the body and prevent further deposit MSU is goals as well as standards gout cured. It can also be the basis for research of establishment standards of gout cured as above stated .

6. GOUT is a complex metabolic disease associated largely with the metabolic system in the body, affecting comprehensively under interaction with joints, digestive, urinary, reproductive, circulatory, nervous systems and mentality. While current treatment method is only to aim at a single target, incomprehensive, and without absolutely no attention to the impacts on the new target organs formed by the new pathological within the new pathological spiral: Kidneys, liver, coronary heart, blood pressure, fat reserves, etc. It is not focused on balance of homeostatic and cleaned external environment by antioxidants.

The detection of these inadequacies has helped our GOUT INSTITUTE to have practical results in the treatment of over thousands of patients. The result is not only common gout patients, but also hundreds of patients with anti- treatment for gout disease

Foregoing opinion  is just own viewpoints, based on our practical results and please refer to further articles in the Spotlight section on this web page to see our unity from ideas, implements to treatment results as well as  further scientific missions that we take care towards. We always look forward to hearing from contributions in term of your scientific and practical spirit in order to meet wishes of patients and communities.

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