New approach in studying treatment of gout

huynh cong tamThe human body is as a unified comprehensive subject. Each organelle in each cell, each cell in each organ and each organ in each body always coordinate operation in a natural physiological order. When disorder of physiological disease order will bring disorders of the chain: abnormal metabolic abnormalities leading to others affected metabolism cells, this cell operates abnormal activity making other cells affected.

 A type of drug invented by study with intent towards a target organ, a target receptor to aim a specific target at the present is too difficult, complex and risky because uncontrol of other unwanted targets. Every single drug aims to a stage in pathogenesis process, the results are only temporary to limit one progress group and without the long-term treatment solution.

The human body is as a unified comprehensive subject. Each medicinal herb is one chemical plant in form of comprehensive subject. When treating with local knowledge or oriental medicine, the physician uses 1 set of comprehensive subjects (one set of medicinal herbs, set of products of the chemical plants) to intervene in the human body, this intervention may follow the theoretical system of Eastern philosophy. However, today the set of this comprehensive subject is structured often by scientists structured on the basis of chemical experiments and clinical trials.

Selection of medicinal herbs has created reputation of those great physicians in history such as Imhotep "the first physician in the world" in the 17th century BC; Hypocrate, an ancestor of modern medicine in Europe in the 4th century AD; Hoa Da, a famous "medical god" of China in the 2nd century AD. Hoa Da also was is one of those ancestors of traditional medicine. In Vietnam, there are many renowned physician in the history of peoples such as: ancestor holy, great physician Tue Tinh in the 14th century; great physician  Hai Thuong Lan Ong at the 18thcentury, etc.

In many periods in the history, Medicine has eliminated drugs and treated methods ineffective or harmful for the patients. However, the history never erase the significance of medicinal herbs with human beings. Enduring vitality of medicinal herbs are not based on personal worship, but due to its nature. For a long time,  human beings always imitate natural and medicinal herbs. This imitation will forever be a shortcomings, because imitation can only create a few single substances and can not create a comprehensive subject. For example, the valuidity of Atropine  never comparing to benladon of datura, strophantin unmatching Strophanthus divaricatus, vinblastin never completing as the effects of periwinkle , etc.

People from all over the world are not in reasonless to find the solution of medicinal herbs when western medications ineffective. However, when patients seek themselves medicinal herbs for treatment. Most of them are not eligible for the knowledge to choose what is good medicine, consistent with their disease.

The new approach method: there is only scientific and technological organizations applying basic scientific knowledge of modern medicine, studying medicinal herbal studies by experiment biologically substance active , testing and control of  toxicity, that can help the patients get better.

Promotion of advantages of medicinal herbals today is much favorable than physicians in history. Medicine developers, we can use basic results on basic pathogenic mechanisms for research, analysis and evaluation of the effects of medicinal herbs that closed by our fathers, accumulated experience meticulous treatment.

Science will help to analyze and verify the biological active substances available effects of medicinal herbs. Technology of preparation  of medicinal herbs developed also helps us find more easier natural compounds available therapeutic effects. Medicinal herbs in the form of pure compound becoming food that human beings can easily be absorbed. Broad spectrum with target directions available medicinal herbs will gradually remove the pathological spirals in the predefined targets on many diseases, including gout, acute and chronic complications.

This is the viewpoint that the professors, doctors of Gout  Institute in Vietnam agreed. Over the past 5 years, the team of professors and doctors of our Gout Institute has not stopped only development of  theories applied this views to the practical science activities in studying medicinal herbal and in therapeutic applications, has treated  recovery for thousands of  chronic gout  patients with complications and drug resistance.

There's a lot of work to do and to prove the practical results of the treatment of Gout Institute under scientific perspective. The recovery treatment results for gout patients with complications are not only control a single symptom, but also is the result of transformative effect for a system of pathological spirals. These are our difficult problems in scientific research activities on treatment. Therefore it  look forward to receiving the attention from scientists and the community.

Gout Research Institute